Tuesday 27 February 2024

A View Of A Newly Planted Raised Onion Bed In The Polytunnel.


I planted the onions 🌰 that had been growing in plastic modules in the polytunnel.

This raised bed is in the polytunnel.  Yes you're right we also have Japanese Winter onions growing in the polytunnel.

Some people do not bother growing onions because they are so cheap to buy especially from discount supermarkets like Lidl and Aldi.

You can say that about growing your own vegetables.  We buy supermarket vegetables especially like now when there is an hunger gap.  

I have been an organic or natural vegetable grower for over thirty years

One thing about growing your own vegetables is the freshness and the taste.


  1. I agree. Home grown tastes far better than the bland supermarket stuff. We buy freshly picked veg from a local farmer who has a pop up shop on the quayside every Saturday. His stuff is blooming lovely.

  2. Blooming lovely sounds like a Pa Larkin quote JayCee. Imagine if you could go to a market and pick or choose your own fruit and vegetables? "I'll have that Parsnip on the left please".

    Freshlsid eggs are so much nicer than bought ones. Homemade food and home brewed beer or wine is wonderful. Those freshly picked bananas we tasted in Tenerife tasted like bananas never tasted before. So sweet and fresh.

  3. I meant a market garden not a market where the vegetables are growing in the ground.

  4. Freshness and taste is the real reason for growing your own when you can. I remember the eggs my daughter used to bring me from her own hens, until the foxes got to them. Far better than any supermarket eggs.

  5. Totally agree River. The stuff we buy in the shops is days or even weeks old. Bread should be baked fresh every day.

  6. I've grown soft fruit for years in our small garden with some salad stuff, this year with my 2 new raised beds I can grow some veg, no enough to make much difference, but enough to keep me feeling good.

  7. Great to read that your veg makes you feeling good Poppypatchwork. Vegetable gardens provide fresh food and are often very pleasing on the eye.

  8. No puppies dancing a jig in there then?

  9. Not today TM. The bigger dogs pulled the tops off two of my leeks today. The dogs are on my veg plotbflickers list along with cabbage whites, slugs and snails.😊


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