Saturday 3 February 2024

Dads Army Seed Potatoes.

 Number one son came home with a 25kg bag of Homeguard seed potatoes  today this Saturday afternoon.

Homeguard were developed in the nineteen forties and named after the over forty one year old men who were not eligible to join up for the army,  who instead had civilian jobs and practiced army manouveres at night and at the weekend, protecting their country from a German invasion.

They originate from Scotland so should be a bit more blight resistant compared to our Irish potatoes like Kerr Pinks and British  Queens.

We have grown them many times and like them very much.

It's time to take them out of the hessian sack and put them in trays and get them chitting in one of the rooms.

Then we will plant half in Algarve my polytunnel this month and the other half of the bag outside in March in the veg plot.

Have you started chitting your seed potatoes 🥔 yet?


  1. Number One son looks after his old dad very well, methinks.

  2. Absolutely JayCee. I don't think they will grow potatoes when we aren't here. I hope I am wrong.

  3. 25kg! That will get you enough potatoes to last a good long while.

  4. Yes River we like our early new potatoes.

  5. You remind me of Dad's Army. Full of good English humour and actors who I remember still.
    You'll soon have wonderful new potatoes on your plate!

  6. "Don't panic". Good old Clive Dunn and the gang. Self depreciating English humour set in a very serious time Linda. Have you seen the 2016 film with Catherine Zeta Jones? I'm putting them in trays to chit today and hopefully get around to digging some potatoes trenches in the polytunnel.

  7. I still think it's sad that you gave your two sons numbers rather than names. Perhaps you are trying to protect their identities because they were involved in that bank heist in Cork. I don't have enough enthusiasm to plant potatoes this year but you are welcome to fly over to plant a few. I will even make you a sandwich and tea in one of my Hull City mugs.

  8. Probably me watching all those old Charlie Chan films and him saying "number one son" YP. Why don't you grow some early potatoes in large plant pots or potato grow bags filled with compost in the greenhouse?


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