Sunday 25 February 2024

German Shepherd Puppy Dog Gardening Club.

No not the name of a Berlin Prog Rock band.  

The pups had been busy in the night gardening:

They had only gone and  knocked our Bilburgia or Queens Tears off the windowsill and my first chore of the day was to gather up the plant and stones and compost.

They made a very good job and wrecking seems to be their speciality.

Then I noticed that four plants 🪴  joined together.

So I took them to my dining table potting bench in the polytunnel and I teased the plants apart and 
I repotted them in my homemade potting mix and they residing and recuperating in the ICU section of the polytunnel.

I gave them a drink with my watering can and they seem to be doing fine.

Do you have any four legged gardening pals?


  1. I suppose they did you a good turn by starting the dividing and repotting job......

  2. I hope they have not caught my propagating obsession GZ. I have been planting onion sets in the polytunnel this morning.

  3. Terriers definitely JayCee. I thought German Shepherds would not be so inquisitive. They are full of mischief and devilment at the moment.

  4. Lucky they are so cute, right, Dave? It's hard to be upset with little roly poly balls of cuteness. I love your ICU unit.

  5. We have an 11mth old lab pup & have just inherited a 13yr old Jack russell. The lab likes to dig up grass whilst the elderly one tiddles on every plant/shrub killing it, then the lab has to go & cover it with his own wee. Nightmare!!

  6. I never thought I would find German Shepherd puppies so adorable Debby. On the eighth day polytunnels were invented. They have taken no harm and after comfortable nights sleep the plants are doing very well with the other plants.

  7. Start them gardening when they are young they say Linda.

  8. We have cats who sit on any and everything you put down.

    1. Hi Poppypatchwork. We have 5 neutered cats along with the dogs. The cats sunbathe in the polytunnel.

  9. Gardening pals like that can have their uses. Mr T was an avid gardener but his annual destruction of veg seedlings in propogators was a bit of a challenge to our relationship.

  10. Hi Tigger's Mum. One of the dogs rolled on my leeks and danced in the onion patch. They challenge our patience at times.🙂

  11. I wouldn't call them pals, but possums are beginning to hang around again. It's that time of year and I will soon be going out each morning hosing possum pee off my plants, it stinks to high heaven! Lola the cat lives inside so she's no trouble at all to the garden.

  12. Possum Pee would be a fun name for a craft beer River. They sound like they are unwanted garden visitors?


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