Friday 26 February 2021

Tight Wad Polytunnel Potato Planting.

 " What a difference a day makes" sang jazz singer Dinah Washington.  Yesterday I was out in the gardens pruning my potted perennials and I decided to plant some  seed potatoes that my friend gave me last Autumn.  

They are British Queen tubers which he gave us for our Tea.  But being the rather resourceful (Tightwad) that I am.  We saved some of them to plant in the polytunnel:

Digging out some homemade compost to grow my potatoes in.  Yes there are a few weeds growing it but nothing grows where weeds won't grow.

Twelve chitted seed potatoes planted in homemade compost  in old fish boxes.  They have good drainage holes.

Seed potatoes ready to be covered up with our homemade compost.

Ten or twelve weeks time they will be ready to harvest before the outdoor new potatoes are ready.  Hopefully it won't be too hot and we won't  be saying: " It's  too hot for spuds".  Or that other English classic: " Is it hot or is it me?   Chance would be a good thing.  

Any one set their spuds yet in the polytunnel or greenhouse?  See vegetable gardening needn't  cost the earth.   Just some free homemade compost and my friends potatoes!
Total cost of potatoes and homemade compost= Nowt or Nuffink!


  1. God bless your potatoes and may they be fruitful!

  2. Thank you kind sir. When we lived in an upstairs flat I grew potatoes in a big plant pot in the front window. Solanum Tuberosums make a nice change from Geraniums. Will you be setting some potatoes in your greenhouse YP?

    1. It's only a little greenhouse and the vacuum cleaning woman grows tomatoes there. No spuds this year my old china.

  3. Oh dear. I am going to test the soil on this years potatoes plot and see if its dry enough to dig over this afternoon.

  4. No spuds for us this year. Our new garden will be too small.

  5. Never mind JayCee. You will have to put P's name on an allotment waiting list or you could always buy some ready washed ones from Mark's and Spencer's?😀

  6. Of course. When I lived in that posh village near Manchester Airport. We would go to Lidl in the next town and customers would put their shopping in M&S carrier bags. We put our shopping in Netto bags!

  7. nawt and nuffink are my very favorite prices!

  8. Yes Debby. Nowt and Nuffink. I have read a lot of old gardening books and they all say gardening shouldn't cost a lot if we use our natural resources like dividing plants, taking cuttings, saving seeds, collecting leaves,fym, seaweed, making compost, swapping plants..

    Thanks Debby.

  9. I am happy to grow potatoes in pots and boxes all year round, I don’t want to give over areas of the veg garden to potatoes, I find they are very labour intensive when in the ground.

  10. Hi Dawn. I have grown vegetables in different containers. You don't need to have a garden to grow them do you? Potatoes are good for breaking the ground, especially on a new garden. They can be very Labour intensive. I love harvesting new potatoes and that earthy smell. It's like digging for buried treasure. Thank you for your comment.


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