Wednesday 21 June 2023

Chilli Fudge?

Chilli Fudge.  No not a indie band playing the hot and spicy stage at Glastonbury this weekend.

I was given them for a Father's Day gift last Sunday.

Me being a humble northern English lad with Irish ancestry on my dad's side of the family.  I was brought up with weekend after pub take aways from Thursday until Sundays.  

One would walk into a Asian kebab house and be offered a mild, medium, or hot doner kebab.  We always went for hot or medium and I knew folk who would warm their kebab up in the microwave next morning for breakfast.  Like you do. 

Over here you order a doner and there is more spice in a portion of chips.  Spicy food is much too hot:

What do you think?  Anyone for Chilli Fudge?  🌶   I rather like them  and they are made in Scotland, home of Iron Bru and made from girders I do believe!


  1. Chilli fudge??? I have only just got used to salted caramel!
    PS.. we planted out a row of beetroot today, thanks to your last blog post..

  2. Stop the world I want to get off JayCee. What ever happened to Midget Gems and my brother and me use to fight over the red and black ones?

    J sowed some carrots today and I went spreading old haylage and stable manure to suppress the weeds and get ready for next Spring on the longest day of the year. Mad Dogs and...😊

  3. I guess the chilly fudge is pretty cold. Do you keep it in the fridge? Is it only for serious gardiners like you, Bob Flowerdew and Alan Titchmarsh?

  4. Probably YP. It must be like reinventing the wheel being a Fudge recipe inventor. Whatever happened to great jingles like: "A finger of Fudge is just enough to give your kids a treat?" The Chilli 🌶 Fudge is different but actually very good.

  5. I inadvertently used the wrong saucepan when making chocolate truffles. I used a small saucepan that was mostly used for toasting spices before they were ground. The truffles were superb as they picked up the spice oils from the pan - a hint of chilli but also coriander, cumin, fennel and cardamom.

    1. Your toasting spices chocolate truffles sound amazing Traveller.

  6. My daughter loves chilli chocolate IceCream. I prefer spicy in a sauce not in my sweets

  7. Chilli chocolate ice cream sounds great Linda. I love hot and spicy food. I even add chii sauce to the plainest kind of food.

  8. I like fudge, but can't eat chilli, so mine has to be chocolate, home made by me. I rarely make it anymore, the "exactly eight minutes" of stirring is too long these days.

  9. Your Fudge sounds good River. Your the second person on here who says they make their own chocolates.

  10. Someone reminded us years ago that chocolate is not a sweet in the culture where it was originally adopted as food. If you think like that adding chili might seem less odd. It still seems odd however, even though we know lots of people like it. F has finished the big 'once-over' (second or third time) at the allotment to remove the bindweed that tried to stick its head above ground level - and any approaching the surface - and we are finally planting out outdoor tomatoes, tomatillos, and NZ Spinach. Next weekend the winter leeks are getting poked in. Gardeners do tend to think ahead (or hope ahead) don't they Dave? xxx Mr T

  11. I didn't know that chocolate was adopted for food Tigger. I've been weeding with my azada and mulching with old haylage and stable manure and covered an area for next years new potatoes. Thinking ahead like you Tigger.


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