Saturday 17 June 2023

New Potatoes In A Plastic Tray.

The earth keeps giving at the moment:

 Newly washed new potatoes and a not very big onion.

Readers of this blog will know that I grew these with seaweed for fertilizer and an odd sprinkle of poultry and seaweed organic pellets which we bought in Lidl.

Like a lot of things I have bought from there I haven't seen the seaweed poultry fertilizer for sale again.  I hope they get it back because it's weed free and excellent.

Ordinary seaweed we gathered from a local beach and it's full of over fifty trace elements and absolutely free.

There's a big pile of fym decomposing under a black plastic sheet.  It's going to be great compost for the veg garden, polytunnel and my pots of perennials later this year.

The varieties of seed potatoes we planted are Britsh Queens, Homeguard and someone gave us  a half of ordinary Rooster potatoes that were chitting so I planted them and they growing nicely.

The potatoes are so fresh and the smell of the soil is divine when we lift the haulm and tubers.  You can not beat chemical free homegrown fresh potatoes can you?


  1. I enlarged the picture and those potatoes look perfect. Well done Mother Nature and well done you! Don't forget the sprig of mint.

  2. Thanks YP. Is the mint for the Mojitas?

  3. They do look good. The giant spring onion is impressive too.

  4. Thanks JayCee. They are delicious.

  5. Wish I was still growing potatoes, but have not done for 2 years now.

  6. You could plant some seed potatoes in September in a greenhouse and you will have Christmas potatoes Tasker.

  7. Pirate put three Roosters in a large flowerpot..plut one anonymous white organic one....all but one Rooster going well. We are nowhere near cropping yet, but it's good to see yours!

    1. I'm sure your new potatoes will be worth waiting for to harvest. They are really nice this year especially when they are steamed.

  8. The potatoes are to be proud of!! My pumpkin seeds are just starting to sprout. I'm a bit late but there are months of summer sun ahead

  9. Thanks Linda. If you feed those pumpkins regularly they will be whoppers at Halloween.

  10. With winter settling in here now I plan to dig out whatever has or hasn't grown in my potato pot and leave it fallow until spring when I shall buy seed potatoes and try again.

  11. You could always grow them indoors River. I once grew some potatoes in an upstairs flat window in a big plant pot.


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