Thursday 22 June 2023

Even More Piglets!

 Mother pig went outside her arc/k for a feed that we had brought her and I took a sneak photo of these new piglets born in the night yesterday.  

I counted ten of them in total.  We only moved the homemade pig 🐖 ark the night before.  

The last litter to be born are now very active and running about and following their mother around.

We are not Organic but we are Free Range.  They roam about like the ones I have seen in the New Forest in England and like ancient times when pigs traditionally foraged for apple windfalls in the country estate orchards.  

When it was the Irish Monsoon season early this year and the end of last year.   

The pigs lived in a shed in a straw bed on a concrete floor.  They did have a yard for their ablutions and exercise But now it's Summer they live outside in the fields and root and shelter from the sun and rain in their arks.

There's a lot to be said for free range pork and bacon and for happy piglets and weaners to breed.

I like the idea of Organic but it's too expensive to buy Organic ration for them.  Plus Organic regulations say that you can only buy Organic animals  from a Organic farmer not ordinary farmers or smallholders like ourselves.  

Anyone got free range pigs or thinking of getting some?  I could even sell you some weaners if you have a pig number?


  1. No free range pigs in our garden, just the neighbours' cats, a hedgehog and a rat or two.
    Some nice bacon or sausages would be welcome though.

  2. You could always leave your natural livestock dishes of dog ir cat food JayCee.? Home grown pork, bacon and sausages are far nicer than the stuff you get in the supermarket. Thanks.

  3. More piggies! Your little farm is doing very well.

  4. There's always new creatures being born River. Yesterday it was baby rabbits. Nature is amazing.

  5. Congrats on the new piggies.

  6. Thanks Linda. We also had new baby rabbits yesterday.

  7. I love the idea of free range pigs. They are very lucky to at your estate! Most pigs are not so lucky! I would say that free range gives you a much leaner meat.

  8. Free range animals seem to be happy Debby. They are supposed to root and dig like us in our veg plots.


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