Saturday 24 June 2023

Repurposed Plastic Bottle Cloches.

 The flickers (slugs, snails, cabbage whites, mice...) , have been having a good scoff devouring my small and tender Brassica plants.

Wifey spends time spreading slug pellets and I have my slug pubs filled with pop.

Yesterday I decided to make some plastic cloche plant protectors out of some plastic bottles that were destined for the recycling centre in town.  We pay 3 Euros for the recycling of cans, paper and plastics.

I just cut the bottles in half and used the bottoms and necks for cloches.  They are like mini green houses or polytunnels.

It's good to repurpose plastic and protect our vegetable plants.


  1. The bottom can be good as a drip tray for a potted plant especially when watering from the base.
    I use organic slug pellets, but have to be careful they aren't where blackbirds can see them as they eat them !
    We tried putting sheep fleece around some of the beans and it appeared to work...feeds the soil too as it breaks down

  2. Thanks GZ. I have been known to go around the veg beds at night with a torch searching for slugs and snails. I often wonder how much we pay for plastic and how much fuel, time and money we spend disposing it. I believe sheep fleece is very good.

    1. Pirate goes slug hunting during the day and feeds them to the resident blackbird tribe

    2. Great thinking. I throw them in my weeding bucket and give it to the ducks and hens.

  3. We have just had to do something similar for our strawberries as the first ripe fruits have been decimated by slug thugs. We have used empty jam jars to slide the fruit stalks into to hopefully deter the slugs and act as a mini greenhouse.

  4. Slug thugs is a great name JayCee. The love grass and vegetation, under paving slabs, planks and even upturned plant pots. Great use of empty jam jars.

  5. I remember doing thta years ago when I lived in a house with a huge backyard and wonderful soil, NO possums there either. I don't recall many slugs or snails either, but there must have been some or I wouldn't have made the cloches.

  6. Hi River. Your old garden sounds wonderful. I dig over a veg plot for some elderly people once a year and their soil is wonderful and friable. They have just kept composting poultry manure and spreading it on the soil.


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