Friday 15 September 2023

A Great Gardening Tool Find From The Car Boot Sale.

 I bought this Multistar gardening tool at the carboot sale. Made by Wolf- Garten.  It sounds like a  German Prog Rock band I once saw at Loreley at The Night Of The Prog Festival next to the river Rhine in Germany.  

Why couldn't my mum and dad been German hippies? Organic Vegetable growing  began there along with producing  great Rock musicians like Michael Schenker and Uli Jon Roth and the Scorpions. Not forgetting the Rock singing  lasses like Nena 99 Red Balloons and Doro Pesch. 

The tool  cost me 15 Euros and it's brilliant.  The small blade on the right is for hoeing and weeding.  Whilst the big tool on the handle is a ridger.  It will be great for the new potatoes 🥔 next year.

I tried it out in the veg plot and I noticed if you run it backwards and forwards a few times it digs up any pernicious weed roots like nettles and couch grass or "Twitch" or "Couch" grass or even "Dog" grass.  

Although  a pernicious weed it's got herbal benefits and it's great for bad chests and urinary problems.  I think dogs 🐕 and cats choose it to make themselves sick and if you see them eating grass then it is a sure sign of incoming rain in the countryside.  Rocks shining in the distance and a cap of cloud on the distant mountains are also a sure sign of rain. If you look out your window you can see it's raining.  Just like today just for a change.

Any way I love my new twitch grass detector and apparently there are seventy different tool heads in the multistar range. I would put it up their with my Alligator Azada hoe made by Chillington Tools in dear old Blighty.

It will soon be Christmas and I am sure any gardener would love one of these gardening tools.  It's a better idea than some socks isn't it?  Mind you can never have enough socks can you?

By the way I don't get any payment when I mention tool companies, Wetherspoon's, Newcastle Brown or any number of Rock bands.  But it they would like to send me anything like some Kansas, Saga or Styx tickets or a crate of Newcastle Brown Ale for Christmas I would be most grateful!


  1. Seventy different tool heads?? P would love to try them all out I'm sure. He has just bought himself a telescopic pruning saw and now wants to buy lots of different heads for it...

  2. Yes JayCee 70 different tool heads. I love my twitch grass detector or ridger even. Any chance of a photo of P's telescopic pruning saw or maybe he would write a guest blog for you?

  3. It reminds me of when you talk about your adze Dave which I believe you also found in a car boot sale. You can never have too many garden tools. We call it twitch here, the scourge of the arable farmer.

  4. I bought my Azada new Rachel and my son made one and I have another second hand one. Garden tools are like outbuildings you can never have enough of them. I never knew twitch had herbal medicinal properties. I walked through a field of straw stubble in Somerset near Nether Stowey and didn't see one pernicious perennial or annual weed. No doubt they spray with weedkillers? Thanks Rachel.

  5. I have lots of trowels but am always losing them. They move around of their own accord. I need to eat some couch grass to get my trowel movements under control.

  6. I have a hissy fit that all garden tools should be painted bright pink Tasker. Green just blends into the flora. I had a pleasant surprise last year when the old spots pigs dug up a blue Gardena trowel that someone gave me for a present.

  7. Can imagine your delight at finding this weeding tool. Is 15 euros cheap? Anything that gets rid of weeds easily must be wonderful. You can have many hours of fun too.

    1. Hi Linda. The hoe and ridger were very cheap. You can pay 25 Pounds plus delivery just for one attachment. It's very useful at finding underground pernicious weed roots systems.

  8. The ridger sounds like a good multi-purpose tool.

  9. It's brilliant River and I think it is made of stainless steel.

  10. 70! Is that one for every different kind of vegetable?

  11. I am not sure Tigger's Mum but I think we should be writing and sending a gardening list to the North Pole.


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