Friday 22 September 2023

A New Zealand Privet Cuttings Garden In A West Cork Vegetable Plot.

 I decided to make 50 Griselina plant cuttings in a vacant area of the veg plot yesterday.  I dug over the area and inserted or pushed 50 cuttings into the soil.  Hopefully I won't need to water them like the 125 plants I made recently in pots in the polytunnel.

I never bothered with rooting powder or my own homemade willow water juice.  They should strike roots in about 3 weeks.  I might leave them until next Autumn or I may pot them up to make them more portable.  Regular  readers know that I have more than enough plant pots lying around and a big pile of fym and soil.

Is anyone else growing their own hedging this Autumn?


  1. I am going to try taking some semi hardwood cuttings today from our New Zealand Holly as we have a bare patch alongside our border with the railway tracks that people and animals can easily get through. Just waiting for the rain to stop first!

  2. We have an Olearia hedge JayCee. Great for coastal gardens with it's leathery like leaves that prevent the salt laden rain burning them. Gale or wind fabric would stop any predators getting through and protect any young plants from wind burn. Good luck with the cuttings.

  3. If I lived near by, I'd be snapping up your hedge plants! I am collecting my plants for my garden. It is my pleasure to design in my mind on the nights when I can't sleep.

  4. I wish you did live near me Debby. We could swap plants. I love propagating my own plants. Good luck with your garden design.


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