Sunday 17 September 2023

Sedum Autumn Joy And Thoughts About Cottage Gardens.

Boxes of Sedum Autumn Joy that I grew from cuttings.

They flower at this time of year and I always think they are a sure sign that Winter is on it's way.

They are members of the Stonecrop plant family and like the Buddleia shrub they attract the butterfly's and other beneficial insects to the garden.

A yellow Sedum that we also propagate from cuttings and division.  I also have green and silver stonecrops or Sedums.

They are old perennials garden favourites.  I think this kind of garden seems not to be in vogue at the moment.  Decking, gravel, concrete and shrubs seem to be more popular these days.

What do you think?  Have old fashioned cottage gardens had their day?


  1. There are still quite a lot of those around in gardens here but then we are a bit behind the times compared with the UK.

  2. Hi JayCee. I suppose they are high labour maintenance and people don't seem to have time or interest in perennials gardens? A lot of people also don't grow vegetables over here yet there are waiting lists for allotments in England.

  3. Anything that will bring insects in to pollenate my food plants is welcome!

  4. I agree with you GZ. If we let parts of our gardens go wild and full of nettles we would attract a lot of beneficial insects. I like herbaceous perennials and annuals bedding displays. I guess I am an old fashioned kind of gardener. Thanks GZ

  5. Old fashioned vottage gardens will never go out of STYLE (fashions come and go, style is ageless). Garden designers are driven by fashion; gardeners by style. Sedums are so relaxed about where they will grow. I love them and so do the pollinators.

  6. Sedums are an old Cottage garden favourite Tigger's Mum. Liked by both pollinators and gardeners. They are very easy to grow from cuttings.

  7. Oh, I don't believe that cottage gardens will ever go out of style. Once the building part is done, I do plan to have a part of a garden set aside just to attract the pollinators. I also have a jar full of milkweed fluff that I have saved to put down at the edge of the property by the little stream for the butterflies. It's fun to daydream about the plants that will go there, and you've added to my plant list today.

  8. I hope you are right Debby. I have spent many hours at carboot sales this year attempting to sell my perennials at a very cheap price and very few people have purchased them or if interested they say: "I have got them!"

    It's great to start your garden with a clean canvas. Buddleia shrubs also attract the old flutterflies.


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