Friday 29 September 2023

" There"sThin Lizzy In The Bottle""

 A present last night.  Thin Lizzy old band members and their families have joined up with a West Cork distillery from Skibbereen to make their very own Tin Lizzy or Thin Lizzy whiskey.

Lizzy fans like myself will recognise that the Black Rose record sleeve is the whiskey label.

I Wonder if they will distil a Kansas or Blue Oyster Cult or Saga or April wine?  Maybe a Emerson Lake and  Palmer whisky or even a Marillion one?

Wouldn't it be good to walk into a Rock Cafe or pub and say:  " Hi can I have a Thin Lizzy whiskey please?"

I saw Thin Lizzy way back in 1981, Eric Bell and The Gary Moore band in previous years and the Lizzy inspired Black Star Riders in Nottingham in August.

What's the whiskey like Dave?   To be truthful it tasted a bit 🔥 on its own but it's perfect for hot Toddy's.  

We all have had bad chests this week.   It makes you wonder if covid is still here or is it a winter flu?  I think it's  because we turned the oil central heating on this week. How could the lockdown end over night?  I like to have a hot night cap when my chest is bad.  Well that's  my excuse any road.


  1. Sorry to hear that you have all got bad chests. As I am not a doctor, I am not able to suggest suitable treatments. All I can say is - Get Well Soon!

  2. Thanks YP. I blame it on the central heating being switched on. Plus it's an excuse for a whisky or two. Maybe more?

  3. Yes, covid is still rattling around in its latest variant.
    However turning on the central heating does tend to soften us up to some bugs..but also this time of year there are more triggers around....moulds, ivy pollen, house dust....meh!!

  4. I think your right will all your reasons GZ. I do think central helps make the perfect temperatures for germs to breed.

  5. Whiskey in the Jar. Great to see the bottle Dave. I love the label.

  6. Yes Rachel. Black Rose was a brilliant album of theirs.

  7. There is a new strain of covid doing the rounds, but it could be so many other things too.

  8. Winter flu or covid River? There are definitely new strains around. I think Storm Agnes and Nigel have shook the dust about too. Thanks.


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