Friday 8 September 2023

An Easy Day In Newark- Nottinghamshire that is.

Newark Castle with it's beautiful 
Bandstand.  I love brass bands and Prog.  The film Brassed Off comes to mind:

Pete Postlethwaite what an actor.

 My old friend who I see once a year decided to go to Eastwood in Nottingham to check out DH Lawrence country and I decided to take it easy and have a day on my own buying blister plasters and taking in the sights.

Palace Theatre.  It looks a smaller version than the Palace Theatre in Manchester where I saw Jesus Christ Superstar many moons ago.
A proper market with proper stalls.
Roundabout nicely landscaped. 
Formal  annuals bedding displays.

Newark Castle. 

A pint of real ale.

Old river cruiser now a pub.  You had to walk down stairs to buy your pints.

A nice town and I tried to gain entrance to its English civil war museum but it was closed.

Newark on Trent.  Is a nice English town that's preserved a lot of its history.  Its suffered civil war and plague but still remains a jewel in Nottinghamshires crown.

I walked to the train station and enquired about the train to Nottingham on Sunday.  I was told they were on strike on Saturday and doing maintenance work on Sunday.  So there would be no trains. What happened to: 'We'll sort it?"

A nice lady at the bus station told me where to catch the bus on Sunday morning.  It only cost 2 Pounds for a 21 mile journey that took in Trent  Bridge and the City Ground.

Tomorrow I will tell you about the Rock Festival.  Next week it be some horticultural posts.  It's been crazy hot here the last few days like June.  Did your vehicle get covered in sand from the Sahara?  Ours did.  How odd.🤔


  1. I remember Pete Postlethwaite in the Sharpe series as well

  2. One of Warringtons finest GZ. Brassed Off is one of favourite northern English films. Thanks.

  3. I expect that Newark, Nottinghamshire is very different from Newark, New Jersey. If you plan a similar adventure for next year, it is vital that have comfortable walking shoes or boots. Pain and discomfort lurk in the shadows of all these recollections.

  4. Very different I would imagine YP. I know Blue Oyster Cult originate from New York.
    I bought my synthetic material boots for 25 Euros. They made my feet sweat and no doubt this caused the blisters. Thanks.

  5. I've got the CD of the soundtrack of Brassed off, love it but don't play it anymore as Brass was Colin's favourite - still makes me too sad 5 years on.

  6. Sorry to read that Sue. Brass is very moving. We had the guitar version of the above tune played at my dad's funeral. Great tune.

  7. Pete Postlethwaite was a great character actor. He had the face for it anyway.
    Sahara sand? Not seen any over here.

  8. Wasn't he just JayCee? He had a very tough looking face and expression.

    The Sahara dust covered cars in Ireland three days ago, Apparently it traveled over 4000 miles to get here along with the very hot temperatures at the moment.

  9. More great sightseeing. I hope you enjoyed lots of pints

  10. Yes Linda always nice to see Blighty. You don't get beer like that over here. It's lager and the black stuff. I didn't drink more than a few pints at a time. Don't think I would like to live over there again. Too many cars and people. Ireland is much more at my pace.

  11. What? Sand from the Sahara? Well, now you've sent me off to google.


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