Saturday 9 September 2023

We Visit Another Rock Festival Yet Again.

 Stonedead was my second Rock Festival of the Summer.  Not bad to say I'm 60 in December.

Regular readers will know I prefer Progressive Rock bands to all the other Rock genres like Heavy Rock and Heavy Metal (I do like some of these genres like seventies,  eighties and nineties) And Thrash and.....?

It's situated on the site of a former RAF air base and very fittingly a Lancaster Bomber flew over the 5000 capacity crowd and we waved and cheered at the spectacle.

The festival organisers allowed punters to bring four cans with them.  Yes I opted for dear old Newcastle Brown Ale.  There was also a beer tent but I only drank four cans.  This must be a first because I had no thirst. 

It reminded me of a mini Monsters of Rock that we used to visit at Castle Donington in Derbyshire in the eighties and early nineties.

Deraps, Black Star Riders and Blue Oyster Cult (of course) were my 3 favourite bands.  Here's some shots:

Poster.  I even bought a T shirt 👕.
American school bus diner.
A great Scottish band.
Northern Irish band.  They just need a catchy song or cover and they'll be big.
Reasonable  bar prices for a Rock  Festival.  They even had Newcy Brown.
Blackstar Riders.  Almost Thin Lizzy at times.  They're brilliant!
The best Prog Rock band from New York.  I give you Blue Oyster Cult. They may be old but they are still magnificent.  What a band.  Up there with the best of them.  Godzilla was my favourite and the crowd threw a inflatable small version of the creature into the air.

It was a great day and night.  If interested  then please check out the Stonedead videos on good old YouTube.

One of my favourite BOC tracks.  Enjoy my blog friends. If they're not Prog I will go to the foot of our stairs.  Any chance of April Wine and Styx playing West Cork?


  1. What a concert. Your best music and newcastle brown. Glad you were there and I wasn't lol

  2. There were only 5000 of us Linda. I don't get to see many Rock bands these days living in rural and coastal Ireland. It's hard to get good old English beer. Next year I hope to visit a festival in Europe like when I went to Loreley in Germany in 2017. Hopefully somewhere warm and less expensive than England and Ireland. Thanks.

  3. I researched it and saw that the Stonedead festival doesn't last very long and the capacity is significantly smaller than bigger festivals. They did really well sign up Blue Oyster Cult. Is it called Stonedead because many audience members get stoned and end up dead?

  4. The small festival are the beat in my opinion YP. Wasn't it a couple to get BOC to headline the festival?

    I never saw or smelled any of that marrow banana stuff. I just guzzler a few warm cans of Newcy Brown Ale.

  5. The small festivals are the BEST in my opinion. Stupid Autocorrect.

  6. Northsider heaven by the looks of it.

  7. Not far off JayCee. There's some great Rock festivals in Blighty. The beers not bad either. Cheers.

  8. That sounds like my size of festival. The last one i went to was a blues festival, about 3000 people, in a paddock. The farm owner set it up as a birthday present for his wife! Great days out at festivals like that.

  9. Minimalist festivals Tigger's Mum. No stress, no queues and space in between people and great music. Your blues festival sounds amazing. Thanks.


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