Friday 1 September 2023

A Somerset Castle With A Thatched Cottage.

We turned back from Stogursey village and followed the wooden finger post signs to the castle:
Veg plots in house gardens close to Stogursey Castle.
Great to see people growing their own fruit and vegetables. 
A pleasant cottage garden.  Old fashioned but my favourite kinds of patchwork quilt type of gardens full of perennials.
Stogursey Castle ruins complete with moat.
Complete with 17th century thatched cottage.  You can rent it for holidays if you wish.  I wonder if it is haunted? King John stayed at the castle.
Another view.
Road leading to the castle.  The building looked an old toll house.  Now used for housing livestock complete with dovecote.
Gate to the Cottage/Hotel.  It reminded me of one of my wife's cottage teapots.
Yet another idyllic view.  If John Constable had ever visited here I think another Haywain type 🖼 would have been 🎨 painted.

Absolutely beautiful and stunning and my favourite scene of our trip to Blighty in August 2023.

It's well worth visiting.  It's beautiful. 


  1. Yes. The last picture is a fine one with the dark clouds in the distance. Very atmospheric and peaceful.

  2. You know good photos YP. It wasa magical place to visit. Thanks.

  3. Somerset has some lovely peaceful countryside and some fantastic walks.

  4. More delightful photos from the English countryside. Lovely

  5. In your fifth photo that cottage looks quite surprised.

  6. I am pleased you like them Linda. Thanks.

  7. Yes JayCee. The thatched cottages face looks like it is surprised.

  8. That last picture is gorgeous. I love the dark brooding sky. I've never seen a contraption like the one that hangs out over the wall like that. Is it meant to stop people?

  9. PS you should have done a paranormal investigation of that cottage. Inquiring minds want to know!

    1. It was lovely people place Debby. But there have been battles there. So there must be paranormal activity. I think the contraption makes people use the gate.


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