Monday 26 September 2022

Blasket Isles Seal Cubs.

My friend who accompanied me to the Blasket Isles and to Blighty sent me his photos of these seal cubs he took on the beach.

They are quite adorable and they lie on the beach all day while their mother cow seals watch from the water fishing and not too far away.

At night time a big bull seal  starts flubbering and flopping about and  they all eventually gathered on the beach and gave a Prog Rock Blasket Islands free concert all night serenading the sea and its surroundings.  It was an incredible experience.

Have you heard Animals album  by Pink Floyd? Well if they recorded a Maritime version they could write a mega long track called Seals.  What a performance!  

Sunbathing on the beach whilst mum goes for a swim and catch some fish.  


  1. They are cute at that stage. Not quite so pretty later though.
    It is seal pup time here too and we have a few new ones flopping about on the rocks at the Calf of Man.

  2. We get them in the bay here JayCee. Incredible creatures. They get my seal of approval anytime.😊

  3. I have heard that seals like to go clubbing - just like Canadian fishermen.

  4. Why do seals carry fish in their mouths? They don't have any pockets!

  5. Wonderful. While reading, looking at the photos, thinking of Blasket Island, of Synge, Peig Sayers, Tomás O’Criomhthain, Murais O Suilleabhain, an old saying from the Cruacha suddenly came to mind:
    This is a story as long as the story about the seal (comh fada le scéal an róin) , and the story about the seal is a very long story.
    As for what Neil 'heard': I like the the thought of seals clubbing fishermen, and being blamed as cruel, answering: We are just doing our job.

  6. Thanks Sean. You are obviously well read up on the Blasket Isles and it's long list of writers.

    1. Now, Dave, that could become a comment as long as ... ;-)
      Not to bore your, though, in a nutshell: Ireland, its history, its great writers, its landscapes do fascinate me.
      In the past millennium, once, on the last Sunday in July, I even climbed Croagh Patrick on my bare feet, one week after this agnostic had "made" Station Island / Lough Derg, and thus kept a second promise he had given to himself.

  7. Ireland is a fascinating place Sean. I have still got places here that I would love to visit like Donegal and Sligo. Croagh Patrick is somewhere else I would like to visit. Thanks.

  8. My human said 'cuuuuute'. It's just a seal. I can do lying on my back like that. BW Mr T

  9. They are very cute and your very clever Tigger.


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