Wednesday 7 September 2022

Platform 1 Statues At Paddington Station.

We left Oxford and caught the train to London and arrived at Paddington Station.

A monument of a soldier in Winter uniform during the Great War of 1914-1918.  It commemorates the 2500 employees of the GWR who gave their ultimate sacrifice.  

Statue of Paddington Bear.

 This is where the Brown family first met the darkest Peruvian bear visitor at Platform 1 at Paddington Station.

The bronze statue is very shiny after all the hands that have touched and rubbed Paddington Bear.  This included his creator and author Michael Bond.

A blonde haired English lady noticed me trying to take a photograph of Paddington and she moved them away and said:  "Let this man take a photo of Paddington".

I laughed and said to her:  "You can't come to Paddington Station and not take a picture of Paddington."

She laughed and we waved 😃.

Did you see Paddington2 when he nearly died?  We wanted something highbrow to watch one Christmas and my wife and me thought he was going to die.  Paddington Bear is like an action hero.  He always survives somehow.

On to Canterbury in my next post.  Hope you're enjoying my trip?


  1. Oh no, I couldn't bear it if Paddington had died!
    I am enjoying your trip so far, Dave.

  2. I know. Paddington is an hero. Glad you are enjoying the trip JayCee.

  3. I am enjoying your "trip" too Dave. Did you take a tab of L.S.D.? How can a bear be an action hero? Blonde haired ladies championing you. It all seems supernatural.

  4. Thanks YP. Have you not seen the Paddington film and he nearly gets incinerated? But being a bear action hero he escapes. He's like a James Bond type of bear. It did seem strange to be smiled at by a very attractive blonde lady.

    1. No. I have never seen the Paddington film but I have seen the King's Cross one and the Euston one. I don't mean to be peevish but was that blonde lady short-sighted?

    2. Paddington is a film about an anthromorphic bear who befriends the Brown family. His statue also seems to be capable of making friends like the blonde lady and myself.

    3. Even anthropomorphic. Silly autocorrect.😊

  5. Paddington bear is so well known, even to me who has never seen any of his films or read his books. Odd that. It was always Pooh.
    You definitely had to take a photo.

  6. I would definitely recommend you give Paddington some reading and his films are excellent Linda. I had to take the photo and I whatsapped it to my wife in Ireland with the caption: "A photograph of a friend of ours". She loved it and asked me to bring the bronze statue home. He would be worth a fortune in scrap. Not that we would melt him down.😊

  7. We watch the Paddington movies all good fun stuff - pink prison uniforms and all


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