Thursday 8 September 2022

Super Fast Trains And Canterbury Tales Or Even Photos.

 Masonic Hall.  

A magic bar called Houdinis.
Rupert the bear is now a Centurion.
An old lane reminded me of the Shambles in York.

Ancient tomb.
Ancient building across from one of the two Wetherspoons in Canterbury.
Super fast trains almost kissing.  They are named after British Olympic gold medalists.
St Pancras.


  1. They've had those super fast Javelins in Kent for years. They even run on the north Kent coast route where some stations are less than 5 minutes apart. They're great, but it makes us mad to compare them with what we have in the north of England.

  2. The Javelins are beauties Tasker. Dublin is very much like London and seems to get all the new transport infrastructure. We don't even have a bus where we live in West Cork. I think with the present energy crisis we should all be thinking of ways to save energy and use more public transport. Thanks.

  3. St Pancras is my favourite London station. I am glad that they managed to save the original features. I was treated to a night at the St Pancras Grand Hotel for my 60th birthday.
    I would like to visit Canterbury sometime. It looks interesting. Did you stay there?

  4. St Pancras Grand Hotel sounds very grand JayCee. We stayed at a campsite just outside of Canterbury. It's full of tourists like Oxford. There are 2 Wetherspoons with great staff and there are lots of old buildings.

  5. I spent a great two weeks in Canterbury for work once. It was too far to travel home at the weekend (8hrs each way on the train!!!) so a colleague (he was from Thurso) and I took our passports and went to France for the day on the Dover hovercraft. Had to make the most of it!

  6. Sounds like you had a great time the veg artist. We once many years ago went on a train through the Channel Tunnel. Incredible experience. Wish there was a tunnel from Ireland to Britain.

  7. The show (with a drink!) at Houdini's is great fun. Looks like you had a great time.

  8. Hi Libby. Houdinis looks and sounds great. You can't beat live entertainment. Thanks!


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