Tuesday 13 September 2022

When We Met Waterloo Man.

I met a few characters on my travels in Blighty.  At one music festival in England.  I began talking to a man from the tent next to me.  Like you do.  It was 33 degrees and unbearably hot.  I said there could easily be a fire.   He pointed to a large pub type ashtray  in his tent that you use to see in pubs.  "I stub my cigarettes out in here" he said.

We talked about the festival and every band I said I wanted to see and he told me he wasn't keen on any of them I mentioned.   

Then some how he began telling me how his favourite hobby was taking part in war reenactments.   He even dressed up in military uniforms and shot muskets.  Fine.  We all have our hobbies nay obsessions.  One of mine is writing, blogs a speciality.

He proceeded to tell me that the soldiers at Waterloo would have had exactly the same tents and camping equipment  that we have today.  I thought to myself: " like zips, sewn in ground sheets, sleeping bags and a blow up plastic pillow that I bought for 1.50 in Ireland in Dealz (Poundland).

Why do I always get them?  My friend came over and Waterloo Man shared his hobby nay obsession with him.  I kept quiet and listened for another ten minutes about Waterloo and the English Civil War..?

We certainly get to meet some 'interesting' characters on our travels!  I will introduce you to another character we met on our Blighty travels another day. 😀 


  1. So funny, but not for you, I guess. This is why I tend not to strike up conversations with strangers, I always pick the wrong kind, lol

    1. I will talk to anyone Briony but now and again I meet some eccentric people.😊

  2. What a fruitcake. Thank goodness you didn't meet any of your blogger followers!

  3. He was a character Tasker. One morning on a campsite I said " good morning" to a man and he said: "hello Dave." It was very strange.

  4. When you said Waterloo Man I was hoping for Ray Davies - the writer of "Waterloo Sunset" but instead we got Corporal Gob-on-Legs.

  5. Oy. That's hilarious. I went to New Orleans once, and met (for the first time in my experience) a rude Canadian. He complained about everything, how awful his visit was, how everyone tried to rip him off. I mentioned that I'd loved the city that everyone had been so very nice, and the food was great. He then launched into a tirade about how Americans never won a war. I thought to myself, I can see why he did not enjoy himself: he was a jerk.

  6. It takes all sorts Debby. Your Canadian did sound obnoxious. I have some favourite Canadian bands I adore like April Wine and and Rush for example Thanks for your comments.

  7. It seems like you had nothing in common! You were polite to listen to him for another 10 minutes whilst he talked at your friend! I think I would have silently crept away! :)

  8. He seemed amiable Simone but I want interested in war reenactments. I should have talked to him about my hobby propagating plants. I wonder if I sound so boring?🥱


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