Monday 12 September 2022

Scenes From A Kent Rock Festival.

 We took in our second Rock festival at Mount Ephraim Gardens near Faversham and Canterbury in Kent.  We went there in 2019.  We arrived on the Thursday and pitched our tents near the big house, Gardens and a short walk to the two stages.

I like A New Day Festival because it's my kind of music with Prog, Heavy Rock and Punk bands playing there.  The crowd is less than 5000 which I like very much the old downside is you can't take your own beer in like we did at Cropredy a couple of weeks previous.

Here's some photos:

Never got to see the band of my youth The Stranglers.  At long last I saw one of my Punk Rock heroes Hugh Cornwell with his band.  I shouted:Duchess" and they opened their set with the very said song.

Ian Anderson and his Jethro Tull.  It's the fifth time I have seen them and I missed Martin Barre not being with them.  My friend met a man who said he had seen Jethro Tull 257 times.   It made my five times seeing them very insignificant.

Mount Ephraim four legged local residents.
The other stage.
Kaprekars Constant.  I saw David Jackson in the David Cross Band at the night of the Prog festival in Loreley in Germany in 2017.  Now him and his daughter (vocals) are members of Kaprekars Constant.  We saw them in Oxfordshire at Cropredy a week or so earlier at the back of the brasenose pub in Cropredy village..  What a band.  Prog at it's best.  If you want to listen to a masterpiece of a song play Hallsands.  It's 14 minutes long and tells the story of a Cornish fishing village washing away .  It's brilliant
Skinny Molly.  An American Southern Boogie band with ex members of Blackfoot and Lynyrd Skynyrd.   They rocked! 
It's a great festival.  

Two festivals and a hiking/camping trip was very tiring at my age.  There is a lot to be said for electricity, your bed and a roof over your head.  Think if I ever go to a music festival again I will booking in a hotel like Travelodge or Premier Inn.

I took lots of other photos but I hope these will suffice and give you a feel of an intimate Rock festival in the garden of England.

I found this video  on good old You Tube.  Enjoy.

The video brings it all back from A New Day Festival.


  1. I admire you for economising on accommodation and sometimes "roughing it" in order to attend and enjoy the two music festivals. It has been a long time since I slept in a tent.

    1. Thanks YP. It was 17 nights camping and one night in a Travelodge. We only had one night of rain in Ireland of course. It was 33 degrees at Cropredy and the ground was like rock sometimes. Not forgetting the Prog Rock Dawn chorus by the birds every morning for twenty minutes. No it was a crueller with no car or a decent nights sleep but we visited some great places and saw some great bands.

  2. We looked up New Day festival after your post yesterday and read the line up. Most jealous...maybe next year

  3. Thanks Tigger. It use to be called the Canterbury Fair. We went there in 2019. I prefer it to Cropredy because the crowd capacity is only 5000 and there are two stages. The smaller the venue the more I seem to enjoy the gigs.


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