Thursday 15 September 2022

Stop Off At A Kent Village.

 On our bus ride to Broadstairs we decided to stop off at Chartham a village we had passed through by train to Ashford the previous day.

Swans rehearse Swan Lake.  Amazing beauty.

Old telephone boxes seem to be a new way to display free books or maybe to swap or return?
A Tudor wattle and daub timber frame house.  It looks like an old coaching Inn to me.
World war memorial and an ancient old church so quintessentially English and incredibly attractive.

Look how sun scorched the lawns are.
Ancient tomb.
Inside the beautiful Anglican church.  
A wonderful  hand embroidered church tapestry.


  1. Chartham looks quite weird without green grass. Did you pop into "The Artichoke" to quaff a couple of quarts of foaming Kentish ale?

  2. Yes it looks more like the Algarve than the Garden of England YP. We mainly stuck to Wetherspoons pubs for a large breakfast and a couple of pints of Doombar at nine in the morning.

  3. Only part time YP. We would go in early in the morning for a large English breakfast. My friend would have a couple of lattes and I would have two or three pints of Ruddles or Doombar. The Ruddles was 1.68 and the Doombar was 2.19. It's five Euros for a pint of the black stuff over here in Hibernia.


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