Sunday 11 September 2022

Mount Ephraim Gardens And Round About.

We pitched our tents at Mount Ephraim Gardens near Faversham on the Thursday the day before A New Day Festival began on the Friday.  We were allowed to camp there for four nights.  It's a beautiful setting and here's some photos:
Oast house and orchards.  Next to where we stayed in the heart of The Garden Of England. The Oast houses had kilns to dry the hops which was used to make beer.
We followed a few dog walkers along a dirt track to this village.  There was an off licence and grocers and stocked up on a pork pie and some bottles of Newcastle Brown Ale and Doombar.  They check your bags at the music festival concert area.  So we drank them at the campsite between bands sets.

Faversham Alms houses.
Interesting style house.
Former gunpowder mills.  The gunpowder was use to fight Napoleon and for breaking rock during the construction of England's canals and railways.

Duck pond and local feather friends residents information.
Good old Newcastle Brown Ale.  I am missing it already.  There was also a Wetherspoon's in Faversham.  I sampled a pint of Wainwrights Gold there. It reminded us of a IPA kind of bitter.   It's very difficult to source bitter over here now because of Brexit.   I will post some photos of the festival next.  Getting near the end of my trip around Dingle, Oxfordshire, Sussex and Kent.


  1. The last photo is very sexy. Shame I am heterosexual. It's surprising that you did not mention the Shepherd Neame Brewery in Faversham. When I was in the town, brewing aromas were very noticeable. I imagine that that is what heaven smells like.

  2. Do you think they will send a beer tanker to Bantry Pier full of Newcastle Brown Ale because of their free advert? I walked past the Shepherd Newme Brewery in Faversham . I think brewing aromas are nostril glimpses of Heaven. I believe they drink Courage there because in the good book it says the Disciples had courage. Thanks YP.

    1. As far as I know, Newcastle Brown Ale is not produced by Shepherd Neame. It comes from Tadcaster in Yorkshire.

    2. Yes you are right. It's a wonder Diageo haven't bought them out. They own Guinness. Heineken own Newcastle Brown these days

  3. YP got there first - the brewery in Faversham. We used to be able to buy direct from the brewery. There are quite a few boat dwellers in the creek to Faversham (boat dwelling being a feature of our past lives) and it's a great place with interesting history.

  4. More great photos. We used to find Newcastle brown in our supermarket, now and again. I think Brexit put an end to that

  5. Boat dwelling sounds great Tigger . You should write some posts about your time living on a boat. Faversham is a nice town with lots of history.

  6. Yes Brexit seems to have put an end to buying things we love from Blighty Linda. Thanks.


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