Saturday, 10 September 2022

On The Bus To Broadstairs.

Going past Manston Airport.  It's a former Spitfire base and there was talk of it opening up again as an airport with flights to Cork..... 



Plaque of ships that have had their crews rescued.
Old WW2 mine now a collection box for the lifeboat people.

Pictures of Bleak House where Charles Dickens wrote Bleak House and resided.

 We decided to go on another trip to the seaside and bought an all day explorer bus ticket.  I think it was seven Pounds seventy.  You can get on and off the buses and use it all day.  It reminded me of an old friend in Lancashire who we told him on a Sunday to ask the driver for a Sunday bulldog.  It was really called a Sunday Rover.  The bus driver asked him if he was taking the Michael?

We caught the Broadstairs bus at Canterbury bus station and it took us to Broadstairs going through lots of villages and Ramsgate. 

Broadstairs was very busy and seemed full of London day trippers going off their accents and sayings:

"Alright babe?"

War memorial.
Hotel where Dickens resided.

Dickensian theme cottage to rent.

The same hotel where Charles Dickens wrote Nicholas Nickleby.


  1. I believe that Broadstairs got that name because there were some broad stairs leading down to the beach and Ramsgate got its name because in days gone by a ram was kept in a field near the centre of the town and it would charge at any visitors who attempted to access the field through the gate. I refuse to say anything about how Cockermouth got its name.

  2. You had a dickens of a good time then?

  3. A great array of photos. That bus ticket was well worth the price

  4. I heard of a Yorkshire lass who loved her udders feeled (Huddersfield). There is a townland in Wexford called Bastardtown. We will be getting censored YP.😊

    1. Aye Dave, they have one of them every ten years.

    2. At least we both share a sense of humour YP.

  5. Are you here all week JayCee?😊

  6. Thanks LA. The public transport in Kent is excellent and very reasonably priced and the bus drivers are so polite. Wish we had a bus where we live.

  7. My son was at Manston when he was in the Air Force.
    You seem to be having a great time.

  8. It was good Briony but I have had enough of sleeping in a tent.


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