Saturday 19 November 2022

Advent Calendars For Dog 🐕s.

 No it's not another great name for a Prog Rock band.  It's what some one (not me) brought home from that other German garden centre and beer and food providers. 

 You know the supermarket where you pick up a 27 Cents tin of cheap baked beans and then walk up the middle aisle and pay 500 Euros for a 52 inch coloured television 📺. 

So what tail waggingly mouth watering culinary delights will there be for our four legged Canine pals have to sample from December the 1st?  

Well.. There's Duck and Orange Bites, Lamb and Rosemary Strips, Meatballs With Turkey and Chicken Fingers With Carrot.  

They sound like mouth watering treats.  I might even try  them?  Well I have been known to have sampled dog biscuits and I can't resist Good Boy chocolate buttons.  They might even give me a shiny coat? Would you try them 🤔?

A man goes to a Psychiatrist and tells him he keeps wanting to be a dog.  The Psychiatrist says: " Ok jump up on the couch and tell me all about it".  The man says:"I can't jump up on the couch, I'm not allowed, I'm a dog".


  1. No. The kids always insisted that I try any doggy treats. Good Boy treats are just like Cadbury chocolate buttons JayCee. Barking would be a good place for dogs to live. Definitely not Catford.

  2. Human starvation is a reality in several countries and yet we have food-based Advent calendars for dogs! This really is a mad world my friend.

  3. Man's best friend is a dog YP. I agree with what you sat. But even our Canine and Feline friends deserve treats on Christmas day. Our Lord was born in a stable full of livestock and other animals.

    1. I don't recall there being any dogs or cats in the stable. Maybe the landlord of the inn did have a dog called Spike after that sleepy old dog in the Tom and Jerry cartoons. Did they have telly in those days?

  4. Any Shepherd would have a good Border Collie to round them up.

  5. It's a good idea to get the dogs eased into the idea of Christmas. You don't want them taking a nip out of the seat of Father Christmas' pants.

  6. All the livestock and dogs and cats get a Christmas treat Debby. They even get their dinner.

  7. Seriously? There are xmas treats fot cats and dogs? Why has no one told me about this before? 😾 Mr T

  8. Did you not know Tigger? I hope that you will not call a cat strike and I think you should hold treats negotiations before Christmas arrives.


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