Thursday 10 November 2022

When The Lady Of The Big House Was Not Amused With The Vegetables.

 When I applied for a vegetable gardener role up at  the "big house" many moons ago. 

 The Head Gardener told me an anecdote that the Lord and Lady have a menu everyday  (like you do) and Cook sends a vegetable list to the Head Gardener with their vegetable requirements.

One day they sent some exotic and unknown vegetables to the kitchen.  Cook and kitchen staff prepared a slap up meal out of this newly found delicacy.

The Lady of the house was far from impressed.  She voiced her disapproval to the Cook and the Head Gardener was summoned to the big house.  He wiped his work boots and doffed his cap and walked into the holy of holies- Dining Room.

The Lady asked him about the new vegetables and said: "We haven't had those before have we?"

"No Maam"

"And we SHAN'T be having HAVING them again.  SHALL WE?"


  1. Oh, I would love to know what they were.

  2. In Ireland I imagine that all vegetables are considered exotic apart from cabbage and potatoes. Were they carrots?

  3. The said estate was in England YP. I think Sir Walter Raleigh introduced potatoes, tobacco and bicycles to Ireland when he lived in Youghal in East Cork. Perhaps it was a marrow banana plant?

  4. Oh that is funny. I can just imagine the tone in which those words were spoken.

  5. I agree. Imagine being a fly on the ceiling of a stately home Debby.


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