Tuesday 8 November 2022

Dorset And Hardy Country Revisited.

I love this sign.  A sensible sign composed with a sense of humour!
 Gold Hill Shaftesbury. Film location of the Hovis bread lad on a bike advert and the two Ronnie's parody of the very advert.

Lulworth Cove.  We walked up the hill and down to Durdle Door.  Which was a location in the film Far From The Madding Crowd.

Allotments and canal in Dorchester.

Tess Cottage.  Picture postcard, chocolate box you name it   Thomas Hardy said this was the house where Tess resided.

Google photos reminded me the other day when I went to Dorset and Thomas Hardy country in 2018.  Sorry if you have seen them on here before.

If you go into my blog search and type Dorset you wild some of my posts about the visit.

I think it's  the one place in England I would like to live more than anywhere, Shaftesbury in particular.  

Hopefully I will visit Dorset again next year.  Do you have a favourite place that you would like to visit again soon?
Just found my Durdle Door photo.


  1. My niece and her family recently moved down there. I can't wait to go for a visit.

  2. My humans love Lulworth Cove. Pity our local allotments don't look as vood as those ones. (At the moment they are probably underwater!)

  3. We flew to Bristol Airport then caught the bus to Temple Mead train station and train to Dorchester. It's beautiful. Full of thatched cottages, old churches and there's a great Wetherspoons pub in Dorchester. I could easily live in Dorset JayCee.

  4. Enchanting place Tigger. I bet most allotments don't look like the Dorchester ones at the moment. I use to rent allotments when I lived in England. They were full of characters and lots of camaraderie and recycling like homemade polytunnels and Asda trolleys used for drying onions. I miss the allotments living in the countryside next to the sea.

  5. Glad you enjoyed Dorset, I live about 20 mins from Shaftesbury which like other Dorset towns, Dorchester and Blandford included has a lot of house building taking place, which is great as people need homes but unfortunately not the amenities to go with them, therefore overloaded Dr Surgery’s, nil NHS dentists and schools filled to capacity. However, if you know the area, plenty of places for walks where you rarely meet a soul. Hope you pay a return visit. Sandra.

  6. Thanks Sandra for that. I loved the place. It was good to visit Thomas Hardy country, his fictional locations like Shaftesbury for Jude The Obscure, Hardy's houses and his grave. We also visited the Dorset Poet William's Barnes church and grave along with going to Wimborne Folk Festival and saw a brilliant band Blackwater County in The Paddock plus many other places. I loved Dorset.

  7. I tend to look forward to new places. Returning can sometimes make me feel sad because of the old memories. I agree that Dorset is a lovely county but not as good as Yorkshire.

  8. Yes it's good to visit new places and I agree how it can make you think of those happy memories. But there other Dorset places I want to visit like Portland. I spent many a holiday in Scarborough and they were very enjoyable times.

  9. I think I remember Durdle Door as a place that daredevils climbed and dove from. The sign is perfect and so are your pictures.

  10. It's been used for pop videos and film locations Debby. I just found this:
    Shall thus ebb and flow forever? And for evermore,
    Rave the wave and glance the ripple through rocks at Durdle Door?
    Arthur Moule. Missionary, Poet and friend of Thomas Hardy.

    Thanks Debby.


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