Saturday 5 November 2022

"Oh Your Hair Is Beautiful".

After I wrote yesterday's post I thought more about recycling and making costumes from rubbish.  Atomic began to play in my mental jukebox (Neil Peart expression) and it was nineteen eighty all over again:

Here is Debby Harry.

Dressed up in a black bin liner and doesn't look trash.  Quite the opposite in fact.  

The wife wanted a fur coat for her birthday.  So I bought her a donkey jacket.  I wonder if a bin liner dress would do for Christmas?😊  

Maybe some ripped fishnet stockings even?


  1. Black bin liners are back on trend these days. I just need to get some peroxide for my hair and rub soot around my eyes and, hey presto, Blondie's twin sister!

  2. Why not JayCee. You could hold "Eighties" nights at your place. Can I bring my can of Watneys Party Seven and my air guitar?

  3. She was magnificent. A great band leader and beautiful too. If she had asked me out back then, I would have struggled to refuse her. I have always liked hairy women - Debby Hairy!

  4. Absolutely magnificent. An original Rock icon. Debby Hairy sounds better than Hairy Peroxide. I like wimmin. I go to the baths every Friday.

  5. We have just bought a mobility scooter (I know, sad isn't it) but neither of us can walk far these days. I was thinking of always taking a couple of bin bags out with me to use if it rained, lol What do you think ?

    1. Why not Briony. I have often took spare bin bags me when going on holiday. Its a lot easier than packing stuff in cases.

  6. If your wife read this, it will be very interesting to see what YOU wind up getting for Christmas! Debbie Harry is 76 and still performing.

  7. I'm very easy to please Debby. A Kansas band t shirt, bottle of Scottish Malt. Thanks for the Blondie link. Joan Jett could be another blog next week.


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