Sunday 13 November 2022

The Day Tiger Kitty Met A Young Tamworth Weaner..


What a confrontation.

"This place isn't big enough for the both of us".

"This is my house".

"I have only come in for a warm".

"Ok.'  "Would you like a 'nice' cup of tea 🍵?"

"I don't mind". 

The piglet was limping so we brought it in the house to clean it's foot and see if needed any medication.

Do you keep pigs or thinking of getting some?  Would you let them walk around your house?

Remember Pinky and Perky?


  1. So did you work out why it was limping? Poor wee thing. Of course I would take it indoors if it needed some first aid. Mind you if we were keeping pugs, we wouldn't be living in our current house and there would be a 'mud room' for where outdoors and indoors meet. Tigger wouldn't be nearly so calm as Tiger Kitty. There would be 'words'.

    1. I just think it had sprained its foot Tigger. Love the idea of a 'mud room'.

  2. That's pigs not pugs - although some principle would apply to pugs.

  3. I love pigs so intelligent and they expect their meals on time. They get sa good life and I am more interested self supporting than raising livestock for money.

  4. Sorry for the typo. They get such a good life even.

  5. I thought of several comments here but I shall restrain myself.
    I hope that poor piggy's foot gets better before it gets too comfortable indoors.

  6. No need to restrain your comments JayCee. It's like that very old joke. "All that money and they live like pigs". "Who?" Pinky and Perky!" Over the pond visitors please look up Pinky and Perky. You're in for a treat.

  7. We often used to have piglets in a basket by the Rayburn. It was taken as normal.

  8. Yes your farmhouse sounds very much like Mt Irish grandparents Rachel. Thanks.

  9. This little piggy stayed home...

  10. I would let Pinky and Perky in our house because they wouldn't shit all over the place like real pigs.

  11. This pig didn't defecate our house YP. A quick pose for the photo and back to the sty.


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