Thursday 17 November 2022

Irish Brussel Sprouts?


I saw them advertised in a Lidl brochure the other day.  

I suppose they mean they are Irish Brussel sprouts grown here in Ireland?  

Brussel sprouts originate in Brussels in Belgium.  Am I just nit-picking?

This is rich coming from me.  I once went in a Chinese Takeaway and didn't then know what to order.  So I looked at the Menu and heard myself say:  "Beans and Sprout" soup please".  I should have asked for Beansprout soup!

I also walked in an Argos store and purchased a digital camera and asked the girl on the till: "What film does it take?"  She said: "It doesn't it's a digital camera" and everybody laughed.

Have you ever made a plonker out of yourself out shopping?


  1. Replies
    1. My most frequent embarrassing moment is trying to get into the shop in the first place. Why do I always push instead of pull or the other way round, and even worse try to open the fixed door that doesn't even open!

  2. I know how you feel. Why do I always get the supermarket trolley with wheels that have a mind of their own? Plus I have to be careful not to trap my fingers in department stores when I se LIFT.

  3. Irish sprouts can probably dance like Michael Flatley and sing "Danny Boy" like Daniel O'Donnell... And no, I have never made a plonker of myself while out shopping though once in a late night fish and chip shop I insisted that i wanted a pukka pie, not meat and potato or chicken but pukka-flavoured!

  4. Oh for a trip to Lidls. I wonder what wonders they'll have in store for us this Xmas. I'll take any Brussels. They're hard to find around here.

  5. Pukka means genuine or original YP. Imagine asking for an original and genuine pie?

  6. It's funny what we miss when we live in another country Linda. I miss Holland pies and English bitter like Newcastle Brown Ale. We use to be able to buy them over here. But since Brexit we can't get them. I like Brussel sprouts when the frosts been on them.

  7. Plonker too often with mobile & smart phone, internet Apps,Texts, Whatsap and the choice of service that I pay for.

  8. Hi Anonymous. I think we have all be led up and down the road with those things.


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