Monday 20 May 2024

Bronte Goes To Muckross House Gardens.

Rhododendron Ponticum me thinks?  
This is the one I think that was planted for game cover and its very attractive flowers and it originated in China and Himalayas and loves the Irish acidic peaty soil.  

I talked about this to an American couple.  They asked me if we had the fire flies/worms like they have in the states that eat everything?  "Yes we do."  I said moving quickly on.

Rhodies that look like red roses.
Me and Bronte going for a canter.  Her idea not mine.
To the manor born and a lake view.
Bronte being a Golden Retriever wanted to go for a dip in the lake.  We turned in the opposite direction. 
Lawns striped like the velvet green tennis courts at Wimbledon. 
Picture postcard view and all for free.
People like us observing the oriental bridesmaid dresses we call Rhododendrons.
What a gorgeous Azalea.  Can any of you ladies describe its colour better than RED?  Men can't do colours very well.  What about salmon pink?
Those Victorian gardeners knew what they were doing planting those trees 🌳 and shrubs.  I would imagine they are probably not far off the age of the big house?

The wonder of you. That's an Elvis song.  Or Rhododendrons and people in awe of them
Hostsas.  No snail bites like our specimens in West Cork.
Fine Gunnera specimens from South America. It looks like giant rhubarb.
This plant in the Orange House looks like a bird of paradise 

Bronte on her  trip to Muckross House Gardens in Killarney.

I have blogged about the place several times over the years.  It's free parking and the gardens and  surroundings are free to walk and explore.  I hope you enjoyed your blog visit?


  1. Those gardens look gorgeous. I am very partial to rhododendrons and azaleas. The bigger and frillier the better.

    1. I am quite a Rhododendron fan myself JayCee. The wild ones have caused havoc in the nearby countryside. The Rhododendrons love the Irish acidic peaty soil.

  2. Looks a perfect place to spend a day.

  3. It is a very nice place to visit Marlene. There are lots of walks, jaunting carts, a traditional farm, tour of the big house where Queen Victoria stayed and tea rooms and refreshments. There is also an hop on and hop off double decker bus that drops people off there and in the surrounding area and Killarney town centre. Apparently Killarney is the most visited town in Ireland. I like Killarney very much.

  4. Beautiful gardens Dave. I'll put them on my visit list. My father loved rhododendrons and had dozens in his garden. If you ever get a chance to go to NZ Dunedin has an enormous collection of rhoddies in the cities botanic gardens.

  5. NZ Dunedin sounds an amazing place Tigger's Mum. They seem to flower earlier in Killarney and already the Rhododendrons are shedding their blossom in places. I always make a point of visiting Muckross at this time of year. There are some lovely old houses and estates in Ireland. Cholmondeley Castle was my favourite in England with its Italian sunken garden and tea rooms and other landscaped gardens. Princess Diana got engaged there if I remember?

  6. I thought my rhododendrons were doing well until I saw these. So beautiful.

    Found your blog from Rachel. Very glad I did.

  7. Thanks Elle. They've been there a very long time. Thanks for your very kind and encouraging words.

  8. I guess that my first comment caused some offence for which I apologise.

  9. I honestly didn't see any other comment than this YP.

    1. Have you checked the cupboard where you keep your "Spam"?

  10. No even a tin of Spam there YP.


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