Wednesday 31 May 2023

Weeding With My Azada.

I noticed some weeds growing outside the garden wall that desperately needs a good wire brushing and painting.

Sometimes I just strim the weeds with my strimmer.  I don't believe in using weedkillers because they are harmful to the environment and give you Cancer.  I was once in a local  farm coop and a man came in asking for weedkiller to apply to the weeds growing amongst his potatoes.

I also think it looks awful where weedkiller has been applied and there's a giant like wee stain for weeks and then the weeds still grow back.

I loved it in Detectorists when Andy was working for a temping agency and he just sprayed the weeds on the verges with WATER.

 I used my trusty Azada which I believe is the Spanish word for a hoe with a flat blade and long handle.

I soon filled my weeding tub and deposited them in my pallet sided compost heap.  Sometimes I give the weeds to the pigs and hens and ducks.

We have seen Azadas being used by council workers in the Algarve and Spain.  Their are small ones like onion hoes for flower and veg beds and large ones for tackling big areas like overgrown borders and allotments.

If you want to take the back breaking work out of clearing with shovels and forks..

.  I would recommend an Azada.  Have you got an Azada or thinking of getting one?


  1. We used to have one that came back from Tenerife with us thirty years ago. No idea what happened to it. I just use an ordinary hoe and tiptoe daintily around the veg patch with it.

  2. You can buy Azadas online JayCee. I have 3. Two bought ones and one number one son made. All three are great for tackling weeds and rough vegetation. To think how many years I would use an English spade to dig off. "Tiptoe through the 🌷 or vegetables even".

  3. F has a triangle thing that chops a bit like that. She uses the pointed corners for thinning rows of seedlings (push pull style) as well as clearing weeds between rows.

  4. I know the hoe you mean Tigger. They take away the back breaking physical work of digging off vegetation especially when it's hot like now.

  5. Have you got shares in Azada? Available in Asda!

  6. Nope no shares in Azada YP. There's no one harder than my mate Harry Azada. He gets through the toughest scrub and always stands you a pint in the pub.

  7. I have a small hand-held hoe but it has never been used, I don't get weeds in my patch. I do have a strong bristled "yard" broom which I used yesterday and today to clear the paths of fallen leaves which I tossed onto my garden, and fallen-and-squashed lilly-pilly berries which went into the green waste bin for this morning's collection day. I'm the one who puts those big bins out and I got heartily sick of having to clean berries and possum poo out of my sneaker treads every day, so I cleaned the paths to be able to move the bins and I'll do it again next week for the recycle bins, so I'm getting the 'garden" style exercise at least.

    1. I would use all thar garden waste for mulching and compost River. If you put leaves in plastic black bin liners and leave (no pun) you will get wonderful leaf mould for free.

    2. I'm skipping the bin liner part because a) the possums would tear into them and b) The smell when I eventually open them creates havoc with my asthma. Straight onto the garden is good enough. But not the berries, they'd send up zillions of tiny trees which I certainly don't need.

    3. I would pot up the Berry seedlings and grow trees and sell them or give them away to friends. I'm growing willow this year.

  8. I wonder if the word adze has the same root?
    I use my swoe..

  9. Very clever GZ. Yes I would think the Azada is the Spanish word for adze. It was used to carve wood and cultivate land. There's nothing new under the sun is there? The swoe looks like a great weeding tool.


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