Thursday 18 April 2024

Parsnip Seeds Germination In The Kitchen.

Parsnips seeds placed on a very damp piece of kitchen roll in a plastic tupperware tub. Then I cut ✂️ another piece of kitchen roll and saturated it and place it to cover the seeds and put the lid on anplaced two tubs of the seeds on top of the cooker hood.   I did this a week ago.  I found this way of growing them from Ivan's Gardening Allotment UK on good old YouTube. 

If you read old gardening books like me myself and I do.  You will read that February ("are you serious?") is the traditional time to sow parsnips outside in the veggie plot. 

 I have great respect for the old gardeners and their gardening methods.  But I think February was a tad bit optimistic to think of sowing seed especially over here in wet and cold Hibernia.  Maybe the seasons could have been different when garden writers waxed  lyrical about sowing parsnips in February?  We don't get much snow these days but we have no shortage of relentless rain

The Roman's christened Ireland:"Hibernia". Meaning: " the land of eternal winters". Well it's certainly not Italy.  More like "it's like Christmas Day in the workhouse" like my dear old mother would say.

Parsnips seeds can take up to  twenty eight days to germinate if at all or if they even bother to sprout? They are like waiting for a bus in rural Ireland.  Your wasting your time.

The indoor kitchen method is far more successful.  We will have a look next week for any signs of germination.  I wrote this on Saturday afternoon.  I should have posted this before Tasker over at A Yorkshire Memoir sowed his carrots in his carrot tub.  Are they germinating yet Tasker?

Any road or any way.  I sowed two tubs of the parsnips seeds and placed the lids on them and placed them on top of the cooker hood.  Using the heat from the cook to help germinate them.

Update.  I lifted the lids yesterday Tuesday and I was delighted with the germination:

I wish I knew this method of germinating parsnips years ago.  

You are only sowing seed that you know they have germinated.

Do you pregerminate any of your vegetables seeds?


  1. I have seen this method previously, but after I had sown my parsnips seeds, so fingers crossed here, I will try your way next year.

    1. Hi Marlene. There's still time to sow them. Especially in pots and barrels and in the ground.

  2. That is a method that I've used for years with parsnips especially, and with any seed that is a bit older. It works!

  3. Hi GZ. I never thought of using this method for old seeds. It makes perfect sense.

  4. Ahh parsnips - famous for patchy germination. My brother tells me that if you sow them in the soil (and I always do) put a board on top of the row and lift it 4 weeks later. It makes them all come up together (keeps the light out until they are all ready to hatch). H swears it works for carrots too.

  5. Yes I have read in old gardening books your brother plank trick Tigger's Mum. It keeps the seed warm and dry.

  6. Why on earth would I germinate my seeds? I try to keep them free of germs but I would love to germinate Jacob Rees Mogg and his hero Nobby Johnson.

  7. Perhaps the term should be germihate?

  8. Stan Boardman said they dropped bombs on his grandads allotment and all his peas got shelled.

  9. You reminded me to soak some pumpkin seeds. It's certainly warm enough for planting

  10. I have never grown them Linda. We have some pumpkin seeds. We will have to wait until May or June when any frosts have gone. I believe they originate in Mexico and central America. They will be great for Halloween and if we get a glut the pigs can have some.

  11. No sign of germination, but it's only 2 weeks and it has been cold.

  12. Yes it gets quite cold at night especially Tasker. The weathers improved massively the last few days.


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