Monday 22 April 2024

Carboot Sale Plants Selling.

We drove over to nearby West Cork  town to a carboot sale on Sunday morning.

The online info said we could set up from nine.  I am one of those people who hate being late and we got there by eight.  Are you like me or are you always late getting anywhere,

The car boot sale wasn't supposed to start until ten.  

Little by little the world and his wife began to dribble in and I was starting to think maybe we might sell some plants?

An hour later and a few browsers conversations later and me telling folk my usual etymology of my plants to people and how to propagate and care for them.  We still hadn't sold a bean or a plant.

More of my hedging, phormiums and perennials.  Every plant there I had either propagated by cuttings or division.

Eventually  we started selling and in due course engaged in gardening conversations and I could possibly have gardening leads to weed and restore and possibly plant two gardens up.

We took 72 Euros minus the sales pitch fee and ⛽️ diesel.  If I could make that every day I would be a very happy bunny.

My plant prices were 2.50 for big perennials and 2 Euros for smaller ones.  2.50 for potted griselina and 5 Euros for phormiums.

Have you been car boot  selling lately?


  1. No. But I have been IN my car boot, getting my walking boots out. By the way, don't forget to tell The Irish Taxman about your sales.

  2. No Taxman on a Sunday YP. Sunday licensing laws. If carboots were allowed every day we could all have affordable things and nice gardens. Barter is another currency.

  3. I haven't been to a car boot for a few years. DiL in South Wales does quite was fun going with her

  4. Hi GZ. We use to go to some big carboot sales in England like Chirk airfield in Shropshire, The Coutess Of Chester hospital car park and Chelford near Manchester Airport. Great memories of selling and bargain hunting for treasure.

  5. I've never been to a car boot sale. I only go shopping to buy specific things, straight there and then home. I don't know what is going to be for sale, there is no point going.

  6. Carbooting is a brand new world Tasker.

  7. Shame you are so far away, a good day's takings, not been to a car boot sale for years.

  8. Thanks Marlene. You will find big carboot sales near you advertised online. I never bought anything for a change.

  9. I am going to guess that if you become a carboot 'regular', you'll collect a following. Not so different from blogging, I guess. Except that there is money.

  10. Some times there is money Debby. Sometimes it like going fishing and the fish are not biting. I much prefer buying to selling.


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