Sunday 21 April 2024

Polytunnel Nettles?🤔

Polytunnel Nettles would make a good name for a Prog Rock band wouldn't it?

I saw lovely young spring nettles growing up the side of one of the raised beds  (repurposed decking planks)in the polytunnel.  

I was going to chop them up with my scissors and put them in my plastic swing bin of garden 'tea".

I noticed my Japanese onions 🌰 and some of the leeks growing and thought nettles,  Japanese onions, potato an leek 🍲 soup.

Remember my Japanese Winter  🌰 onions I planted last September in the polytunnel?   We are picking them and eating them every day.

We also picked and chopped three of the remaining big leeks and I peeled and chopped a shop bought(Lidl) potato.  Apart from the potato and the gas to cook the soup.  Our soup cost very little to make.  

Anyone else eat Spring nettles?  
It's good of Mother Nature to provide with her Spring spinach.


  1. I've never ate nettles before, I have sat on a fabric made of nettles, which was course and not very nice. My beans are doing OK, I am hoping the weather does not take a turn and go cold.

  2. Hi Marlene. Young nettle leaves are surprisingly palatable. J wasn't impressed with them. I suppose you could always cover up the beans with straw, horticultural fleece or old newspapers if any frosts are forecast. Our weather here is said to break from Wednesday onwards. Back to typical April showers weather.

  3. I must admit that your soup looks wholesome but I don't want nettle rash inside my mouth or on my tongue.

  4. I have never eaten nettles, my mum used to throw them to the chooks to get the lovely golden yolks in their eggs.

  5. Nettles are full of iron YP. There is no sting when they are boiled. I enjoyed the homemade and homegrown soup.

  6. Nettles have many uses River. "Where nettles grow anything will grow" is an old country saying. They are nutritious and beneficial to the soil.

  7. I thought he was in Bergerac and Midsomer Murders.


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